A note about tent safety and carbon monoxide...


With the camping and festival season in full swing, this seems a good moment to mention tent safety. Carbon monoxide doesn’t just leak from boilers and gas appliances - it's also produced by gas and charcoal barbecues which means tents and BBQs just don't mix.

It sounds obvious, but the key thing is just never to be tempted to put a BBQ in your tent. Even if it's pouring down with rain, freezing cold or your tent is as big as a house, bringing your BBQ in, even for just a short while, is not safe.

It's not only the fact that it's a potential fire hazard,  the danger arises as barbecues have no way of venting the fumes and smoke, so the carbon monoxide collects inside the tent.

Alarmingly, research shows that 1 in 5 people are unaware that putting a BBQ in your tent is dangerous, and that's why we thought it was worth mentioning.

Happy camping, from the Roost Heating Team.

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