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Our Gas Safe tips for #gassafetyweek


We're registered Gas Safe and are always keen to share information about how you can keep your homes safe (as well as warm and energy efficient!). With #gassafetyweek in mind, read Tareq’s top 5 tips on gas safety here:

Get your gas appliances serviced regularly and safety checked every year for your peace of mind. If you rent, your Landlord should be taking care of this and you should ask to check he/she has a Gas Safety Record. If your landlord gets a Gas Safety check from Roost Heating during Gas Safety Week, he/she can get 20% OFF!

Make sure you know the signs of Carbon Monoxide poisoning so you’re not at risk: dizziness, headaches, nausea, loss of consciousness.

Check your gas appliances for signs that they’re not working correctly. If there’s a lot of condensation, any soot or the flame is yellow rather than blue, you may need to call in a heating engineer.

Fit a carbon monoxide alarm and check it regularly to make sure it’s working. Book a boiler service with Roost Heating during Gas Safety Week and you’ll receive a FREE Fire Angel CO Alarm.

Use a Gas Safe registered engineer like Roost Heating. We always carry Gas Safe Register ID cards so you know we’re fully qualified to carry out boiler checks, boiler installations and servicing safely.

To book a Gas Safety check, boiler service or boiler installation, get in touch with Roost Heating today!

Recommend Roost Heating to a Friend - and get great rewards!


At Roost Heating we love it when our customers are so happy with the service they receive from us, that they tell all their friends.

In fact, we appreciate it so much that we'd like to make sure that whenever we do work for a new customer who heard about us from a friend, we reward the person who kindly recommended us.


- If you recommend Roost Heating to somebody and they use us for some general heating and plumbing work, we'll reward you with 20% OFF your next boiler service.

- If you recommend Roost Heating to somebody and they use us to supply and install a new boiler, we'll reward you with a £25 'Love to Shop' voucher (which you can spend at lots of shops and restaurants).


All you need to do is either ask your friend to mention the recommendation when they make a booking with us, or drop us a line yourself to tell us that you recommended them.

We'll then either make a note that you're due a 20% discount on your next service (please mention this when you book) or send you your voucher, with our hearty thanks and a big thumbs up.


T and Cs apply: This offer applies to recommendations to new customers only (and only one recommendation reward will be given per customer). Recommendation must result in Roost Heating carrying out work, and reward will only be given once the work is completed and paid for. Please mention that you're due a 'Recommend a Friend' discount when you book your boiler service. Offer is subject to availability and at the discretion of Roost Heating.

A little bit of boiler chat - and some tips on gas safety.

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Boilers are often unappreciated, but in reality they’re heating heroes…

Your boiler may just look like a box, hanging around on your wall or lurking, hidden away in a cupboard, but have you ever taken a moment to appreciate what that box does?... 

It works hard every day to bring together gas, electricity and water, heating up the water for your taps and your central heating system. It heats up, cools down, pumps and makes sure your home is warm and comfortable. And that level of dedication is not to be sniffed at.

Knowing how hard your boiler works, you really need to make sure you are looking after it. It’s really important to make sure you have an annual Boiler Service carried out. 

Not only is an annual service important from a safety perspective, it can also make all the difference in terms of reliability, efficiency and the size of your household bills. Getting your boiler serviced could also prevent unnecessary boiler repairs or replacement further down the line too.  It’s important to note that if your boiler is still under warranty or guarantee, having an annual service is actually one of the conditions you have to comply with for the guarantee to stand.

If you are a Landlord, an annual service/gas safety check is a legal requirement for all of your properties. The law also requires that all servicing and gas safety checks are made by a Gas Safe registered Engineer.


A Boiler Service isn’t just a quick check under the cover…

During your boiler service,  you can expect the Engineer to do the following: 

  • Remove the boiler casing and examine the components
  • Check the gas pressure and flow is correct
  • Use a flue gas analyser to make sure the boiler is burning the right mixture
  • of gas and air, and that the exhaust gases are correct and safe
  • Check that all the electrical connections are clean and in good condition
  • Check the fans and other key components are working efficiently
  • Check that seals are intact
  • See that the electrodes are in a good condition
  • Check the safety devices 
  • Check the condensate trap and pipe is not blocked
  • Check over all the water and gas pipework
  • Check that your Boiler is working safely and efficiently overall.



There are some basic rules about boiler positioning that should be followed too…

If your boiler has been installed in a cupboard, you'll need to adhere to the manufacturer's recommended clearances so it can work safely and be accessed easily for a Boiler Service. Air vents, grilles and flues must be kept free from blockages. If you have a very old boiler and are concerned about its positioning, we can advise.

If you have concerns about your boiler performance or gas safety, it’s best to act swiftly…

If you feel your Boiler is not running correctly do not be tempted to remove the case. Only a Gas Safe registered engineer is legally qualified to remove a Boiler casing. If you think there might be a problem with your boiler, you’ll need to call a Gas Safe registered Engineer. It’s easy to forget that gas can be extremely dangerous and leaks can lead to fires, explosions and Carbon Monoxide poisoning. 

Roost Heating engineers are all Gas Safe Registered and we cover the Hampshire area, centralised around Winchester, Eastleigh, Romsey, Southampton, Bishops Waltham, Hedge End and Locks Heath. 


Summer is the perfect time to get your boiler serviced (whether it’s a regular, combi or system boiler) and Roost Heating is currently offering a whopping 30% discount on Boiler Services, which brings the price down to just £49. (Offer valid until 31st August 2018). 

£49 for an annual service is not only a great deal but it helps keep your family safe, and could prevent you having to pay out for a costly boiler repairs or replacement. Book yours now by dropping us a line, or giving us a call.

Oh - one more thing - maybe give your boiler a quick pat next time you're passing. Just so it knows you appreciate it.