How much can I save by installing a new Worcester Gas Boiler?


Replacing your old gas boiler can potentially save you a great deal of money over time. 

Here's a simple, conservative example to demonstrate a typical boiler replacement scenario.

This illustrates the kind of saving that is possible but as no installation is the same please get in touch so our heating engineers can provide you with specially tailored advice.

As you can see, the potential savings really do stack up over time. You can save money and also enjoy complete peace of mind with a long guarantee.

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Old Boiler Example

with Insurance & Service Scheme

Average Annual Gas Bill^ £752
Additional electric cost of non efficient heating pump^^ £116
Annual SSE boiler cover with boiler service^^^ £202
Annual Total £1,070
10 Year Total £10,708

New Boiler Example

with 10 Year Guarantee & Service Scheme

Average reduction in gas bill £137^^^^
Annual Service - special offer price £60
Annual Total £675
10 Year Total £6,750
Less cost of boiler £5,155
Return on investment, based on 12Ri Regular Boiler £1,595 52% over 10 years equivalent yearly saving 25.9%