Central heating installation throughout Hampshire

Roost Heating design central heating systems which are all about you. For the most effective and efficient central heating, we look at solutions to suit your day-to-day lifestyle, the demands from your family, your personal preferences and your budget.

As well as being experienced in design, installation, repair and servicing of all heating systems, we are qualified and Gas Safe registered to work on both natural gas and LPG installations.

We can help you find the ideal heating setup and install it safely and efficiently

The heating choices available to you are varied, the considerations can be complex and let's face it - life's too short. Whether you're looking for something state-of-the-art with a focus on sustainability or you just need to keep your heating simple and economical, Roost Heating can create the ideal proposal, discuss options with you, get the system installed and in action. Then we can provide ongoing maintenance to ensure you stay warm and cosy for the long haul.

Central heating installation

You can rely on us for your radiators...

Opting for larger radiators can be a simple route to a more efficient heating system. They can run at a lower temperature and the more panels and fins the radiator has, the more heat it will give off. Aluminium radiators will heat up a lot more quickly than steel and incorporating a thermostat will help maintain a constant temperature. Modern panel radiators need less water and as a consequence, use less energy. Upgrading or changing your radiators can be a great way to achieve a warmer, more environmentally friendly and cost efficient home and Roost Heating can advise and install in next to no time.

Why choose Roost Heating to install a central heating system?

We can visit you at a time convenient for you to conduct a no-obligation survey of your home. We will then provide you with a written quotation and honest time-scale for the completion of the work.

We also offer:

Extended guarantees of up to 10 years

Friendly help and advice for your specific needs

Improved efficiency of your system and a reduction of your bills

Peace of mind with Gas Safe registration for natural gas and LPG installations