Take control of your home climate with Smart Thermostats and TRVs.

What are the benefits of Smart Thermostats and Smart TRVs?


Smart Thermostats are internet connected, programmable controls for your central heating and hot water which can be operated using your smart phone, watch, tablet or computer whilst you're in the office, abroad or on the road. Advanced technology means that Smart thermostats and Smart TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) can interact with your boiler and central heating system - and you can make the most of plenty of other clever features too.

Not only does introducing a Smart Heating System mean that you can return from holiday to a warm cosy house, or boost up the hot water ready for a long soak when you get back home after a bad day, it also opens you up to a whole world of efficiency improvement, money saving ideas and potential for achieving the best efficiency ratings for your home.


Take a look at some of the Smart solutions we can install and set up for you:

+ Bosch Easy Control

The new smart internet-connected heating and hot water thermostat from Bosch makes everything easy and gives you complete control.

When combined with Smart TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves), you can easily control the heating in each individual room, meaning you can achieve the perfect heating environment by deciding the times, temperature and which rooms you want to heat all from your mobile phone or tablet.

We’ll connect your Bosch Easy Control to your boiler, connect it to the internet and get it up and running using the EasyControl app.

In addition, the Easy Control offers:

• Easy to use heating and hot water charts to identify potential savings

• Alerts to indicate when additional savings are being made

• The potential for achieving an A+ ErP efficiency rating when combined with a Worcester Greenstar combi boiler

• Free downloadable App for managing your heating and hot water anywhere in the world

• Data privacy - your data is never shared with anyone else

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+ Bosch Smart Home Radiator Thermostat

You can regulate your home heating more simply and conveniently than ever before with the brilliant app-controlled Bosch Smart Home Smart thermostat. With lots of useful, energy saving benefits we can supply and install these clever devices to work seamlessly within your Smart heating system.

The Bosch Smart TRV can:

• Manage the radiators in your house ensuring the ideal temperature is set and kept constantly

• Control temperature in every room, individually

• Detect temperature drops due to open windows etc and adjusts the heating temperature to save energy

• Communicate securely • Provide an automatic frost protection program for temperatures below 4 °C and regularly opens the valve to protect against calcification

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+ Nest Learning 3rd Generation Thermostat

Roost Heating is a Nest Pro Elite Installer...

With the Nest Learning Thermostat incorporated into your home heating system, you can benefit from a simple to use system that you can control from abroad, from the office or when you're on your way back from a long trip away. The Nest Learning Thermostat is beautifully designed to fit stylishly into the most fashion conscious homes but its clever capabilities make it ideal for the budget conscious and environmentally conscious too. The design is thin and sleek but the display is large and clear.

Benefits of the Nest Thermostat:

The key thing is that the Nest Thermostat is proven to help save energy. In independent studies, the Nest Thermostat saved an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills.

• The Nest Thermostat automatically turns itself down when you’re away

• You can see exactly when heating and cooling were switched off and on, and what affected your energy use

• The system can be auto-scheduled so it learns the temperatures you like and your preferred programs itself

• You can connect the Nest Thermostat to Wi-Fi and change the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop

• The handy 'Nest Leaf' indicator appears when you choose a temperature that saves energy

• Nest also learns how your home warms up and watches the weather so you have the temperature you want, when you want it

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+ Honeywell Evo Home

The Honeywell Evo Home System allows you to remotely control your heating, hot water and radiators from your compatible smart phone, tablet or smart watch. The Radiator Controllers have the ability to sense when a window is opened and how long the room takes to reach a set temperatures, allowing the evohome controller to understand exactly when to turn the heating on or off to optimise energy efficiency.

The Evo Home Controller allows you visibility of temperatures and ongoing efficiency and also allows you to see the set hot water schedule or override the hot water. You can control hot water and heatingfrom your Smart Phone or Tablet using the Total Connect Comfort App.

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+ Tado thermostat and TRVs

Replace your old thermostat with the tado° Smart Thermostat and experience a new level of comfort and control while saving energy and costs.

You can access each room or your boiler from anywhere, at any time via the tado° app on your phone. You can then easily check and adapt temperatures to your liking.

tado° is not just about having internet access to your thermostats. tado° also adapts to your behaviour and always ensures the perfect room temperature and provides insights and recommendations so you can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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+ Heatmiser NeoStat

Heatmiser NeoStat flexible Smart Control solutions offer control for water based floor heating systems as well as radiator and hot water control. The Neo Smart Thermostat range supports Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and HomeKit too.

With a range of options which are all very user friendly, flexible and suitable for both new build and retrofit projects.

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For more information about the Worcester Bosch Easy Control and the Nest Thermostat, take a look at these handy videos:


If you fancy Smart Heating for your home:

If you are considering a new heating system and would like advice on incorporating Smart Heating Control - just get in touch. Our qualified Roost Heating engineers can recommend and install a smart heating system to suit you perfectly.