Brand new boilers and boiler replacement 

Suddenly being faced with a broken boiler can be a nightmare and having to decide on a replacement system when you're under pressure can be a minefield. At Roost Heating we recognise that most people just want to know that their boiler is safe, economical, efficient and keeps them warm. We have expert knowledge about the inner workings of boiler equipment and their vast technical specifications - so you don't have to.

Similarly, if you're planning an extension, new build or kitchen refit and a boiler replacement or boiler move will be required, we can recommend the best boiler for you and install your new boiler, hassle free.

It's also worth considering that simply replacing an old G-rated gas boiler which has no controls with a new condensing model (including a programmer) could trim up to £340 per year from a typical home gas bill.

What are the considerations when buying a new boiler? 

The type of boiler and central heating system you opt for is hugely dependent on your lifestyle and home. If you live alone in a bijoux studio flat and are out at work all day, the demands on your boiler are very different to those of a family of six with a new baby. If you're planning on staying where you are for the long haul your choice may not be the the same as if you're planning to move on. In some cases a switch to a completely different heating system might be an option. Despite the initial extra cost it could be much more efficient long term. We can discuss the different boiler and heating choices with you so you're completely confident about your decision.

What are my boiler options?

Combi boiler system

The combination boiler central heating system is the most popular choice. There’s no need for a feed tank, expansion tank or a hot water cylinder because the boiler heats water as and when you need it. This means that they are space saving and economical – just heating the water that you need.

Mains pressure heating systems

These boiler systems supply mains pressure hot water through the taps in your home. Water is pulled in from the cold water mains and is heatedup by your boiler. It is then stored in your tank until needed and when you turn on the taps it is the cold water from the mains which pushes the hot water through the central heating system and out through the tap. If you have a high mains pressure, these hot water and heating systems can be very effective.


Regular / conventional boilers

These central heating systems use a boiler to heat both the radiators and the hot water. The water often comes from a feed tank or expansion tank in the loft and the volume of water in the system is always at its optimum level. The hot water circulates around the system and is then stored in a hot water cylinder until needed. Water is pulled into the system by gravity.  This heating system is ideal for homes lacking in water pressure, but you do need plenty of loft space.

Condensing boilers

These energy efficient boilers re-circulate heat rather than losing it up the flue of the boiler, which can significantly reduce heating costs.

You can also choose from wall or floor mounted boilers, depending on the layout of your home. 


Why choose Roost Heating to install a new boiler or central heating system?

We’ll make sure that we recommend the boiler which is exactly right for your home, your family, your lifestyle and your budget. Then we’ll install your new boiler and all the required pipework and plumbing to the best quality standards and with the least amount of upheaval for you.

At Roost Heating we specialise in Worcester Bosch installations and offer extended guarantees of up to 10 years. For your peace of mind we are Gas Safe registered for both natural gas and LPG installations and we are fully experienced in designing, installing, repairing and servicing all heating systems.