What are the benefits of Smart heating?

Not only does introducing a Smart Heating System mean that you can return from holiday to a warm cosy house, or boost up the hot water ready for a long soak when you get back home after a bad day, it also opens you up to a whole world of efficiency improvement, money saving ideas and potential for achieving the best efficiency ratings for your home.


There are other advantages to introducing Smart Thermostats and TRVs too:

Smart Thermostats are internet connected, programmable controls for your central heating and hot water which can be operated using your smart phone, watch, tablet or computer whilst you're in the office, abroad or on the road.

Their advanced technology means that Smart thermostats can interact with your boiler - and you can make the most of plenty of other clever features that will improve the efficiency of your heating system too.

  • Free downloadable App for managing your heating and hot water anywhere in the world.

  • Data privacy - your data is never shared with anyone else. 

  • Easy to use heating and hot water charts to identify potential savings.

  • Alerts to indicate when additional savings are being made.

  • The potential for achieving an A+ ErP efficiency rating when combined with a Worcester Greenstar combi boiler.


If you fancy Smart Heating for your home:

If you are considering a new heating system and would like advice on incorporating Smart Heating Control - just get in touch. Our qualified Roost Heating engineers can recommend and install a smart heating system to suit you perfectly.